Patricia P. Sealy, Q.C. 

Barrister & Solicitor
Mediator, Collaborative Lawyer

Patricia has a B.A. in Psychology from Carleton University, and was called to the Alberta Bar in 2000. Patricia utilizes within the legal forum, her education and past work experience with families and dually diagnosed youth. She is patient and thoughtful when working with families to address parenting, support and property division issues in a manner that reflects their expressed concerns and desired outcomes.

Patricia has always practiced exclusively in the area of Family Law and focuses on processes which are cost effective, promote family wellness, are client focused and keeps clients from having to engage in costly litigation battles. Patricia excels at using (ADR) alternative dispute resolution techniques to assist clients to achieve effective results. Patricia is a trained mediator and a registered collaborative law lawyer who is very skilled at ensuring clients understand the process, are communicated with in a timely manner, and understand their options while supporting them to constructively manage conflict in a way that builds family structure.

Patricia understands the emotional impact that clients experience, whether negotiating the start of a relationship through the use of a cohabitation agreement or pre-nuptial agreement, or negotiating the breakdown of a relationship. She assists clients during the negotiation process to have difficult conversations and successfully express their interests at a time when they feel uncertain about finances, their future, and how they will co-parent in the future. When the results of that negotiation are drafted into an Agreement, the parties can move on with their lives, knowing they have a practical road map to follow not only for themselves, but also for their children in a way that promotes family wellness. Patricia’s goal is to minimize the toxic stress that can paralyze families when they are unable to find effective solutions, and to provide families with resources so they are not stuck in the legal system.

Patricia has an excellent track record for mediating issues involving child custody and parenting time. She was a participant (as a member of Innovation Team 21) in the Palix Foundation Initiative to develop and bring the Breakup Earthquake story to each and every Albertan to highlight the impact of toxic stress on children as a result of relationship breakdown:

Getting Through The Breakup EarthQuake (Video)

Patricia ensures that her client and the needs of the children are a priority and recognizes the importance of the roles that each parent plays in the ongoing healthy development of a child. Patricia believes that every family is unique and requires resources and guidelines that meet their unique needs. No one parenting plan can fit for every family and Patricia assists families to generate creative options that provide children with a strong foundation and supports their healthy development. Patricia recognizes the benefit of a parenting plan early in the negotiation stages which minimizes potential trauma to children while their parents work through the other challenges which arise when there is a breakdown of the family unit.

Patricia has supported many clients to navigate settlements which involved high income, complex property division, and child and spousal support issues. Patricia believes in families negotiating in a manner that helps them to preserve assets and income for the benefit of the family future rather than engaging in exhausting and expensive litigation, leaving both parties unsatisfied and with more debt. Patricia supports her clients to divorce respectfully, build and maintain healthy parenting relationships, identify their priorities and negotiate in forums which are non adversarial and not financially and emotionally draining.

Patricia is a Member of the Law Society of Alberta, Collaborative Divorce Association, Alberta Family and Mediation Society, Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Calgary Bar Association, Association of Women Lawyers and the following subsections of the Canadian Bar Association: Alternative Dispute Resolution; Family Law; Wills and Estates; and Immigration. Patricia is currently a board member and acting secretary for both the Association of Collaborative Professionals and the Canadian Bar Association Law Firm Management and Practice Committee subsection.

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